Northern Stars of Saskatchewan News

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Star Riders - who we are

The Northern Stars are a Canadian Star Riders Association with Constellations from Coast to Coast founded August 4, 2000.

"The premise behind Constellations is simple. It is a vehicle for Northern Stars members to meet and socialize with each other in the “real world" beyond the limitations of the Northern Stars's backbone, the Internet.

It is a network of fellow Northern Stars members to share and exchange the wealth of information the Northern Stars is continually accumulating through the input and experiences of its members.

It is a light and a wrench on a dark, unknown road fifty, or a thousand, miles from home when a member has that rare breakdown or other need for help. And it is a web of friendship like no other, with a brotherhood of support around the globe."

Star Riders - Saskatchewan

This is the home of the Saskatchewan Northern Stars Constellation of the Northern Stars Galaxy.

If you ride a Yamaha Star, V-Star or Drag Star, Road Star, Wild Star, Royal Star, Venture, RoadLiner or StratoLiner- This is your free site to get, and give information. We discuss all aspects of motorcycles, particularly our Star cruisers.

You can visit anytime, but we would like you to join us for free, and really be a part of our great organization. Although this is primarily a Yamaha group all bikes are welcome to join.